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FoSL - Annual Meeting

What: FoSL Annual Meeting
When: July 18-21, 2017
Where: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Agenda Details:
Tuesday, July 18th at TBA
Wednesday, July 19th at TBA
Thursday, July 20th at TBA
Friday, July 21st at TBA

Dear Members and Friends,

As announced earlier, Friends of Sierra Leone is holding its annual meeting at the Sierra Lighthouse Hotel in Freetown from July 18th through July 21st, 2017.   We want to make sure travel dates evolve around the 15th and the 16th of July. This includes a day for self-recreation or rest, on the 17th and we will start the meeting on the 18th of July through the 21st. You will arrange your own transportation to and from Sierra Leone, but those who wish to travel together may work out the details utilizing a trip listserv which will be activated soon.

Because arranging a meeting in Freetown from the US has some challenges, it is imperative that participants commit to the trip as soon as possible so that our numbers are accurate for planning purposes. To that end, we will have a registration form available soon.


There will be a registration fee of $50 due on February 28th, 2017. Late registration will incur a fee of $25 through the end of April. Very late registration after April 30 through May 31, 2017, will incur a fee of an additional $50. After May 31st, 2017 no more registrations will be processed. The registration fee will help cover certain meeting costs including some local transportation. Participants will be responsible for their airfare, hotel, and most meals.

We look forward to seeing everyone.

Peggy Murrah, President
Aiah Fanday, Vice President

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