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FoSL - Special Funding Appeal


Dear Members and Friends,

At last night's board meeting, we decided to send $6000 to Street Child to assist in the immediate relief response to survivors of the tanker explosion. You may remember we have worked with Street Child in the past. Several FoSL members have visited their programs regarding the mudslide and were quite impressed with the scope and thoroughness of their work. Additionally, they were highly recommended by the US Embassy for donations to the mudslide victims. We have no staff in Sierra Leone. This is the most efficient and timely way for us to do what we can to help.

Street Child is already providing food relief and is identifying the most vulnerable victims. Similar to the mudslide relief, they have a three part plan in addition to the emergency food distribution now:

  • Food distribution to 200 families
  • Business grants to 100 caregivers
  • Education support grants to 100 families

If you choose to help us reach our goal of $6000, please donate either online or by check. Just click the button to donate online. It is very important to indicate that your donation is for the tanker explosion relief. That is the box under the "other" on the donate page. (See Image)

If you prefer to keep pay pal and your credit card company from taking their piece, please send a check. Please contact me for the address to send it. We don't want to have checks sit in the PO Box in DC.

Please consider helping. No amount is too small. Any funds beyond the $6000 will go into the projects account. We currently have 19 applications and money to fund three of them.

Thank you very much,