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Dear friends,

With all the turmoil these days I know many of us are wondering what we can do. The following is taken from Glenn Blumhorst, President of the National Peace Corps Association.

Since 1961 225,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have been welcomed in 161 countries, including Muslim majority ones. As foreigners we were accepted without prejudice into homes, schools, offices and houses of worship by our hosts. Part of the Peace Corps oath reads "I will embrace the mission of world peace and friendship for as long as I serve and beyond." Because of this those of us who have served in the Peace Corps have a special responsibility. We must speak up on behalf of the refugees who have been prevented from entering our country and receiving our welcome in return.

Here is what we can do: Call 202-224-3121 to connect with your member of Congress. As to speak with the foreign policy or homeland security staff representative. Pledge your support for refugees. Sometimes you can make a better connection through the local office. They need to hear from us. Be sure to tell them you are a voter in their district.

Send an email to urge Congress to reject intolerance. You can also send a fax or post card. If you go to the Congressman's web page there is a "contact me" link. Usually you have to be in his/her district to send an email. There will also be information on contacting the local office.

Contact local resettlement affiliates to inquire how to lend support.

Let FoSL know what responses you get and how we can help. I myself remember our wonderful Syrian students and neighbors as well as our many kind Muslim friends and neighbors.

Judy Lamm Figi, FoSL Advocacy
Moyamba 1964-6