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Friends of Sierra Leone occasionally adopts and supports the efforts of project managers working on special initiatives. The Friends of Sierra Leone board does not run these projects, but members are often deeply involved in them. The projects are run my deputized project managers who raise contributions that are deposited with Friends of Sierra Leone. Friends of Sierra Leone provides administrative and fundraising support for the projects. Consequently, these projects are part of the programming of Friends of Sierra Leone. We are proud to be associated with these initiatives.

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Bunce Island The story of Bunce Island, a British slave castle in Sierra Leone. website: Bunce Island
Solar Electric Initiative
The Solar Electric Initiative (SEI), was established in 2008 to help develop solar energy in rural Sierra Leone communities with no electricity and no other prospects of getting any. We work with local institutions and our job is to fundraise and organize. In early 2010, we installed a 1.5KW array at the Kamakwie Secondary School, lighting up 21 rooms and establishing a computer lab and charging station. The array was designed and installed by Energy for Opportunity, a local NGO with whom we now partner. We continue to develop mechanisms to make the project self-sustaining. We are currently working to implement other solar projects and will work with anyone who wants to help light up rural Sierra Leone by utilizing its abundant and free sunshine. We are limited only by our financial resources; we welcome donations and inquiries. email:

Kenema Blango Primary School Project
The school at Kenema Blango is completed in terms of physical facilites. We have 6 classrooms, 3 (I think) latrines and a well. But we would still like to provide teaching materials for the staff. We also started a library that we would love to add to. Having said that, we are not soliciting for books or other materials since the expense in sending them to SL is too great. But, there is a store in Bo that has teacher materials and, if I am not mistaken, a bookstore. Even if we cannot buy books in Salone, we can buy appropriate ones via Amazon and someone going to SL can carry them. And, we can support the local economy by getting supplies at the store in Bo. Donations may be made here at the Friends of Sierra Leone website but make sure you indicate Kenema Blango School Project in the message. email: Peggy Murrah