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Midwife Training Project
The Maternal Health Mission Confer...
Bo District $3000
Sierra Leone National Railway Museum Tour
In early 2024, the FOSL Board voted...
Bauya, Moyamba District $845
Kalian Smiling Foundation (KSF) Classrooms
The FOSL Board voted to support Kal...
Kumala, Koinadugu District $3000
School Furniture for Taiama Secondary School
The FOSL Board voted to support the...
Taiama Town, Kori Chiefdom, Moyamba District, Southern Sierra Leone $2060
Judy Figi Memorial - Shenge Primary School
Construction of a 3 classrooms add...
Magic Penny School, Shenge, Moyamba District $4000
1-Classroom Building at United Islamic Junior Secondary School
This community project is for the c...
Mondema Town, Gorama Mende Chiefdom, Kenema District, Sierra Leone $3000
Blackboard Rehabilitation
The FOSL Board voted to support the...
Njala $965
Solar Lights through Easy Solar
The FOSL Board voted to support the...
Masiaka, Sierra Leone $420
Mamaka Village Agricultural Project
In this multi-year project, donors ...
Mamaka, Mile 91, Tonkolilli District $8000
Metalwork Workshop Rehabilitation
In July 2024, the FoSL Board voted ...
Kakua Chiefdom in Bo District $2060


Kono District Global Organization
Project is for a 3-place latrine an...
Titabaya Primary School, Kono District $3000
Mamaka Village Agricultural Project
Add 15 new farmers to the project, ...
Mamaka, Mile 91, Tonkolilli District $5600
Information For All Sierra Leone
Grant provided locally-made backpac...
Western Area of Freetown $3000
Polio Challenged Fund
Blacksmith and tin smith tools and ...
Grafton, Western Area of Freetown $2775
Ballanta Music Academy Scholarship in memory of Board member Judy Figi
Full year scholarship for one stude...
Freetown $500
Frank Scholarships
24 partial scholarships to the Ball...
Freetown $6000
Women for Women Sierra Leone
Print age and culturally-appropriat...
Yele, Tonkolilli District $2000


Paul School for the Blind
Daphne Sawyer-Dunn Memorial unifor...
Bo $1000
Wesleyan Church Primary School
Add two classrooms to this primary ...
Makorombo, Bombali District $2665
St. George Primary School
Water well with hand pump.
Kathrombo, Tonkolilli District $2727
Mamaka Village Agricultural Project
Micro-loans for 30 women and 15 you...
Mamaka, Mile 91, Tonkolilli District $7150
Kamande Agriculture Project
Equipment for cassava processing.
Kabala, Koinadugu District $500
Young Muslim Primary School - Benkia
Rehab classrooms, latrines, and add...
Benkia, Bombali District $3000


Benevolent Islamic Junior Secondary School
School furniture and latrines.
Punthun-Bombali District $2996
People's Action Against Hunger-SL
Water well for irrigation.
Mbundorbu, Baoma Chiefdom, Bo District $2684
Paul School for the Blind
Daphne Sawyer-Dunn Memorial Scholar...
Bo $250
Street Child
Aid to victims of the tanker explos...
Outside of Choithram Supermarket in the Freetown suburb of Wellington $6000


Street Child
Handwashing, sanitation, and educat...
Freetown and provinces $7000
Women's Empowerment
Water well for the Gary Schulze Orp...
Bo $2896
Paul School for the Blind
Daphne Sawyer-Dunn Memorial Scholar...
Bo $250
Kagbanka Bana Primary School
Add classrooms
Bombali $2988
Kasankarie Farmers Association
Classrooms for junior secondary sch...
Karene $2000
One Village Partners
Drying floors and rice store
Kailahun $500
Kamande Agricultural Projects
Garri processing equipment
Koinadugu $2950
Golden Drop Investments
Rural beekeeping equipment and farm...
Kailahun $2500


Women in Action
Rehab community centre for adult li...
Port Loko $2419
Dandabu Project
Transport and rooms for rural stude...
Pujehun $756
Fullah Town Youth
Water tanks, plumbing, and taps for...
Freetown $2639
Kagbungbor Youth
Rehabilitate primary school
Kamakie $2217
Paul School for the Blind
Daphne Sawyer-Dunn Memorial Scholar...
Bo $250
Rural Health Care Initiative
Refurbish Gondama Birth Waiting Hom...
Tikonko $1150
One Village Partners
Latrines in Massayiema Village
Kailahun $3000
Jeremaih Youth Foundation
Rehabilitate primary school at Gbar...
Port Loko $2590


Street Child Foundation
Business loans to mudslide victims.
Freetown $3000
Ebert Kakua School for the Deaf
Solar lights for student study area...
Bo $2000
Kono District Global Organization
Primary school water well
Kono $2000
Conscience International
Kabasa Community library and solar ...
Kambia $2928
Rogbin Community
Expand health clinic, add solar lig...
Karene $2860
Mama Baindu Women's Development Ass.
Mattru women vegetable growers
Bo $1426
Sierra Environmental
School latrines
Port Loko $3000
Paul School for the Blind
Daphne Sawyerr-Dunn Memorial Schola...
Bo $250
One Village Partners
Madina water well
Kailahun $2000
Minah Agricultural Development
Cassava and potato processing equip...
Kambia $2000
Niagorehun Health Clinic
add a bath, laundry and rehab the w...
Bo $2500
Wounded Camp School
school latrines
Port Loko $1400
Bumpe Alliance Development
Rotifunk school water well
Moyamba $1200


Kenema District Junior Secondary School
construction of two classrooms and ...
Kenema District $1500
Kabasa Village Development
primary school latrines
Kambia District $1200
Wounded Camp School
primary school consrtuction
Port Loko $2414
Paul School for the Blind
Daphne Sawyerr-Dunn Memorial Schola...
Bo $250
Kissy Youth in Action
rehabilitate five wells in Kissy
Freetown area $1004
Wounded Camp School
school furniture and school supplie...
Port Loko $1353
Tihun Savings Group
solar lighting for community centre
Bonthe District $2500


Blama Primary School
complete construction of Blama Pre-...
Bo District $3000
Madina School Solar Electric Project
lighting classrooms, library for cl...
Kambia District $2650
Fatmata Maternity Centre
malaria prevention and treatment
Pujehun $2000
Masamapinde Primary School
construct 2 classrooms and office
Tonko-Limba, Kambia District $1275
Palm to Palm
support local industry making palm ...
Koidu, Kono District $1400
Rural Health Care Initiative
well and latrines for newly-constru...
Tikonko, Bo District $3000
Kono District Global Organization
construct latrines, hand-washing st...
Kono $3000
Paul School for the Blind
Daphne Sawyerr-Dunn Memorial Schola...
Bo $500


Nar Sarah Health Clinic
Ebola education, hand-washing suppl...
Kabala $1500
Ebola protection kits, food for eff...
Kamakwie, Pujehun, Makeni $1500
Conscience International
Ebola education,hand-washing suppli...
Western area of Freetown $800
KITE/ Sierra Leone
Feeding handicapped groups, sanitat...
Western area of Freetown $3000
Kono District Global Organization
Feeding vulnerable groups
Kono $3000
Polio Persons Development Association
Feeding, sanitation supplies for di...
Makeni $3000
Women in Action
Ebola education
Freetown $1940
Paul School for the Blind
Daphne Sawyerr-Dunn Memorial Schola...
Bo $250
Family Enrichment Services
Health clinic improvements in Baiim...
Bo District $3000
Gborie Educational Centre
After school classes to prepare for...
Bo $3000
Nar Sarah Health Clinic
sidewalk construction for sanitatio...
Kabala $1050
Jersey African Support Services
School supplies for Ebola-orphaned ...
Tonkolili $2000


STOMP project
Peace Corps secondary project on he...
Various locations $1648
Limbs 4 U
Supplying refurbished prosthetics a...
Freetown $3000
Bureh Beach Surf Club
Tourist trade and community develop...
Freetown area $3000
Maryland Sustainability Engineers
Potable water for Cabala school
Freetown area $3000
Alternative Approach to Community Development
Poultry project
Kailahun $1500
Education for Hope
Primary school construction
Port Loko $1500
We Yone Child Foundation
Training Ebola instructors for comm...
Freetown area $1521


Paul school for the Blind
Daphne Sawyerr-Dunn Memorial Schola...
Bo $250
Southern Eye Institute
purchase of an eye-scanning device
Serabu clinic $3000
One Village Partners
Reflect program for women's educati...
Kailahun $1500
Holy Rosary Secondary School
completion of administrative office...
Pujehun $1887
Green Africa
women's vegetable growing and marke...
Bumpe $2000
Sentinel English Writing Program
creative writing program
Freetown and Kabala $3000


Paul school for the Blind
Daphne Sawyerr-Dunn Memorial Schola...
Bo $250
Peace Corps Project
Sherry Browne PCV - Build latrines
Kolenten Secondary School, Kambia $1863
Batonga Foundation, Children Affected by War (CAW)
Educate young women 14 to 24 in a 2...
Freetown $3000
Medical shipment
Moyamba Hospital $3000
Ebert Kakua School for the Deaf
Water system at school
Bo $2373
Maryland Sustanability Engineering
Solar power for Colaba Town Primary...
Western Freetown $1000
Magic Penny
Paving around primary school
Bobpehtake, Moyamba District $1250


HIV/AIDS Awareness Cup
shipping football equipment
Paul school for the Blind
Daphne Sawyerr-Dunn Memorial Schola...
Bo $250
author Aminatta Forna's school in Sierra Leone
reading and book signing for the Pe...
Kono Foundation Agricultural Project
Kamara Chiefdom $2000
Magbenyani Women's Agricultural Project
Valunia Chiefdom $2000


School for Visually Impaired
perimeter wall for school
Freetown/Grafton $3000
Polio Challenge
treating elephantiasis patients
Bombali District $3000
Daru Arts Project
teaching students traditional arts ...
Peace Corps Partnership
Romanke Primary School
Tonkolili District $2400
Dodo Agricultural Project


Women's Agricultural Project
Kabala $3000
Gborie Technical Institution
Wellbodi - Ola During Pediatric Hospital
nurses training


Women for Women
Yele $3000
Peaceful Schools
community centre
Pan-African Development
School for the Blind Freetown


Garri Production
Makeni $2300
HIV/AIDS education
Kenema $2900
Adult Literacy
Bo $3000
Science and Health Education
Makeni $2900
Bombali $3000


Prosthetics Outreach Foundation
Masanga Children's Foundation
Africa Surgery
Tom Johnson's medical project
Textbook shipment
through the Foundation for West Afr...


Medshare International
shipping medical supplies
Generator for Talking Drum Radio
Cornelia Bailey - Sapelo Island presentation


Africa Surgery
Tom Johnson's medical project
Special projects
Freetown $1000
Fund for African Relief and Education


AfroAmeric Institute of Cosmetology
SamKam Foundation
Kono Progressive Women's Association
Foundation for Rural Development
Media Foundation for Peace and Development